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W. Steven Ward, Ph.D.

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Biomedical Tower, IBR Building
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Ph.D. Biochemistry, Vanderbilt University 1985

Reproductive Biology

The Structure and Function of Sperm DNA

Our laboratory has focused on the three dimensional structure of DNA in the cell, using sperm as a model system.  Sperm chromatin is packaged in a unique way to protect the DNA from damage during fertilization.  We have shown that some aspects of sperm DNA packaging are surprisingly similar to that of all other cell types, revealing some of the foundation principles for DNA packaging.  We have also shown that some aspects are very different, in which parts of the sperm DNA is packaged like a crystal.  Recently, we have also made the surprising discovery that even though sperm DNA is very highly packaged, it has a self-destruct mechanism that enables it to chew up all its DNA before fertilization.  We believe this is an evolutionary mechanism to prevent the passage of damaged DNA to the new embryo.  Our current work is focused on identifying this activity and how it relates to the packaging principles we previously discovered.  Finally, we have recently become interested in SINE repeats in the human and mouse genomes.  We have demonstrated that virtually every Alu and B1 repeat is a single copy sequence.  We are currently testing whether SINES are expressed in cell-specific manners.

1. Comparison of somatic and sperm Chormatin packaging

2. Visualization of DNA loop domains shown in Figure 1E and J

3. Model for the interaction of sperm Topoismerase II and a nuclease to degrade sperm DNA


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