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Patient Representatives

Assist patients in obtaining services, understanding policies, and making health care decisions.

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What do Patient Representatives do?

  • Analyze patients' abilities to pay to determine charges on a sliding scale.
  • Collect and report data on topics such as patient encounters and inter-institutional problems, making recommendations for change when appropriate.
  • Coordinate communication between patients, family members, medical staff, administrative staff, or regulatory agencies.
  • Develop and distribute newsletters, brochures, or other printed materials to share information with patients or medical staff.
  • Explain policies, procedures, or services to patients using medical or administrative knowledge.
  • Identify and share research, recommendations, or other information regarding legal liabilities, risk management, or quality of care.
  • Interview patients or their representatives to identify problems relating to care.
  • Investigate and direct patient inquiries or complaints to appropriate medical staff members and follow up to ensure satisfactory resolution.
  • Maintain knowledge of community services and resources available to patients.
  • Provide consultation or training to volunteers or staff on topics such as guest relations, patients' rights, and medical issues.
  • Read current literature, talk with colleagues, continue education, or participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in the field.
  • Refer patients to appropriate health care services or resources.
  • Teach patients to use home health care equipment.

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Stats for Patient Representatives in Hawaii


Total employment:

~ 6,510

Average annual openings, 2008-2018 (projected):

~ 270 per year

Median annual salary:

$31,790  ($24,690-$41,220)

Median hourly wage:

$15.29  ($11.87-$19.82)

In Honolulu / Oahu

Total employment:

~ 5,640

Average annual openings, 2010-2020 (projected):

~ 250 per year

Median annual salary:

$31,580  ($24,970-$41,410)

Median hourly wage:

$15.18  ($12.00-$19.91)

In Hawaii County

Total employment:

~ 500

Average annual openings, 2010-2020 (projected):

~ 20 per year

Median annual salary:


In Maui County

Total employment:

~ 650

Average annual openings, 2010-2020 (projected):

~ 30 per year

Median annual salary:


In Kauai County

Total employment:

~ 180

Average annual openings, 2010-2020 (projected):

~ 10 per year

Median annual salary:


State and county data sources: (updated July 2012) (updated May 2011)