Histology & Imaging Core Facility Information

The Histology & Imaging Core at Kaka’ako is located on the second floor of the Biomedical Sciences building and is supported by the Research Centers in Minority Institutions, the Center for Cardiovascular Research and the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology. It provides routine histology processing, specialized histochemical and immunohistological techniques, and access to several microscopic platforms. The core also provides technical assistance, training, and consultation in histological and imaging techniques to investigators throughout the University on a cost-recovery basis. The core is located in room 206B (histology) and 205 (imaging).

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  • Histology Processing - including paraffin embedding, frozen or floating sections, staining and other conventional histology techniques.

  • H&E Staining - materials are supplied by us and we can also perform a variety of other standard or special histological stains as needed with reagents supplied by the requestor.


  • Training and advice for general histology & imaging techniques.

New Technologies

  • Development of new immunohistochemical or in situ hybridization approaches as needed

Facilities & Equipment

The histology core is located on the second floor of the Kaka’ako campus in room 206B while the imaging facility is located in room 205. They have a number of pieces of equipment provided by both COBRE and RCMI grants:

Available Microscopes -

  • Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal Confocal Microscope

  • Olympus IX81 DSU spinning disk microscope

  • Zeiss Axioskop 2 Plus upright fluorescence microscope

  • Olympus IX71 inverted fluorescence microscope

Available Tissue Sectioning Microtomes -

  • Leica SM2000R

  • Leica RM2135

  • Microm HM 340 E

Other Equipment -

  • Cryostat - Leica CM 1900 UV

  • Paraffin Embedding Station - Leica EG1160

  • Paraffin Embedding Sample Prep Processor - Leica TP1020

How To Use The Core
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To reserve time on the equipment, please sign up on worksheets located in the core. Potential users must demonstrate competence with the equipment before use. Training can be scheduled with Miyoko. All users must complete a user form and the charge sheet located in the core.

To submit histology work, please fill out the work request database form (provided on a computer in the histology room).

To submit paraffin or cryosections for immunocytochemistry or in situ hybridization, antibody or probe information needs to be included on the histology work request form. Primary antibody or probe should be provided by PIs. The core provides all general supplies except special items requested for special projects.

  • Anita Schorlemmer

    Alexafluor 488 & DAPI stain on HEK Cells

  • Anita Schorlemmer

    Alexafluor 488 & DAPI stain on Cardiomyocites

  • Jennifer Ecker

    Mouse retinal vasculature labeled with FITC-dextran

  • Jennifer Ecker

    Mouse midbrain region stained with an anti-tyrosine hydroxylase antibody, followed by Alexa Fluor 488 donkey anti-sheep secondary

Contact Info
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Histology & Imaging Core Facility
University of Hawaii, JABSOM
651 Ilalo St.
BSB rooms 206B and 205
Honolulu, HI 96813
Email: Miyoko Bellinger

Phone: 808-692-1534