Cecilia M. Shikuma, MD
Research Core Director

The primary goal of the Research Core is to support the research needs of the 2 currently funded research studies funded under this grant as well as to provide research assistance to junior and senior investigators affiliated with Center for Native and Pacific Health Disparities Research. The Research Core provides biostatistical support to CNPHDR researchers through an arrangement with the RCMI Multidisciplinary And Translational Research Infrastructure eXpansions (RMATRIX) Research Design and Biostatistics Key Function under the direction of Dr. John Chen. Research meetings open to all CNPHDR investigators are held throughout the year to serve as a forum to update researchers on new research findings and to brainstorm about research directions on metabolic health disparity in Hawaii and about new ideas for collaborative research in this area.

The three research studies that were selected and funded by the Center are:

Tetine Sentell, PhD
Principal Investigator

   "Understanding and Reducing Ethnic Disparities in Preventable Hospitalizations"

This study uses a sequential, mix methods approach to address gaps in our understanding of cardiovascular (CVD) and diabetes (DM) related preventable hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations among Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders (including Filipinos, Samoans and Micronesians). Further, data collected from this study will help to design a culturally relevant, evidence-based intervention to improve CVD and DM-related preventable hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations among Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islander high-risk populations.

Kazuma Nakagawa, MD
Principal Investigator

   "Evaluation of Stroke Disparities in Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders"

This is a prospective cohort study that will examine the long-term outcomes of Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander (NHOPI) patients that were hospitalized at The Queen’s Medical Center due to an intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). This study plans to assess the differences in age at time of ICH and causes between Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders and other major ethnic groups in Hawaii.

Marjorie Mau, MD, MS
Principal Investigator

Dee-Ann Carpenter, MD

   The “Hanapū Study”

The “Hanapū Study” - Incentivized partnerships to Reduce Diabetes Disparities is a randomized control trial that will test the effectiveness of partnership incentives plus evidence-base education to improve glycemic outcomes compared with usual care in ethnically diverse population.

A total of 23 health care providers and 107 diabetic patients on Oahu and Hawaii island are enrolled and randomized in the Hanapū Study.